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Leanna and Jace

Meet Leanna and Jace, loving siblings who deserve an amazing adoptive home! The dynamic duo will bring so much joy to their adoptive family.
Leanna is an eleven-year-old girl who is sweet and intelligent. She is currently (2023) in the 5th grade. She does well at school and is thriving in her current foster home. Her favorite subject in school is math and she has made significant progress improving her reading skills. She is very friendly and has a lot of
friends at school.  Leanna would love to join gymnastics and recently participated in a school play, which she enjoyed. She wants to be a social media influencer when she grows up. She is described as spunky, caring, and very aware of her circumstances. She enjoys reading, playing on her tablet and watching
YouTube. She loves cats and would love home with pets!
Jace is a funny and full-of-energy eight-year-old with beautiful blonde hair and brown eyes. He enjoys watching Paw Patrol and games on his tablet. Jace no longer has to wear glasses to help correct his vision! He enjoys playing with his sister. He recieves some support services through school and is
described as very resilent little boy. He is making progress in school and making strides academically. Jace enjoys playing outside, helping with household chores (including washing the cars an helping shovel snow)
He loves dogs and cats as well! He’s starting to read books and really making great progress in all areas. He is silly, affectionate and closely bonded with his sister. He likes playing with trucks and cars. He loves being outside and just running around. T

he children have been resilient to change and adapting to various lifestyles, and will do well with a family who supports them and gives them time to adjust. Historically, they had some medical needs however follow-up is no longer required. They are thriving in a home setting, and with structure, love and consistency are just extraordinary, amazing kids!

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