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Jaxxon Cram.jpg


Meet Jaxxon. This animal loving 13-year-old is a strong advocate for himself. He is
well-spoken and appears more mature than his age. Jaxxon enjoys sports, animals, and
drawing. He is sweet, caring, and adventurous. At times, he may be shy at first but once he warms up to people has no problem opening up. Jaxxon also enjoys playing video games.


Jaxxon would like to be a veterinarian when he grows up. His favorite subject in school is science and he enjoys learning about outerspace. Jaxxon loves to read as well as play outside.


Jaxxon loves meeting new people and never has trouble making new friends. Jaxxon enjoys the opportunity to volunteer in his local community. One year for his birthday, he collected donations for a local animal shelter. Jaxxon enjoys being active, but also doesn’t mind staying inside and watching movies.

Jaxxon would do best in a two-parent home that is trauma-informed and very sensitive to tones, emotions, and body language as he really picks up on those cues. He needs a balanced and calm parenting style. Jaxxon has had many pets and hopes that he may be placed in a home where pets would be welcomed, especially dogs.

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