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Jaylin 9.11.23 (1).JPG


Lace up your hiking boots, 12-year-old Jaylin is ready to hit the trails. She is a sweet, fearless young lady with strong leadership skills. Her path is leading her to her forever family and she is ready to meet them!


Jaylin has a great sense of humor and is loving and kind. She is loyal and dedicated to
those she trusts. Jaylin enjoys spending time outdoors and doing arts and crafts. She enjoys drawing, singing, and writing poetry as well. She enjoys spending time with those she cares about playing cards and board games. She also loves to read and enjoys books series like “The Warrior”.

Jaylin would do well in a home with or without other children, but it would be best to have a few years difference between kids to allow Jaylin to be herself without the stress of comparison. Trusting adults takes time for Jaylin. She needs a family who is dedicated to her and will patiently ride the ebbs and flows of forming a strong, trusted relationship that will last forever. She is a wonderful, smart young lady who really wants an adoptive family.

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