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Meet sweet Joel. This special almost 17-year-old boy lights up the room with his sweet smile. He loves small rubber toys. He loves being outside. He enjoys going to Dominos and watching
the pizzas be made. He enjoys going on short trips into the community as well. He has a great
sense of humor in his own special way. He enjoys going for short walks outside.


Joel needs alot of support in his day to day activities. He is making a lot of progress in many areas of independent living as well though! He has put a ton of effort into learning new daily living skills like putting his fitted sheet on his bed (and that’s a task no one likes, right?!) He wipes down the table after dinner and clears the dishes. He is making progress with his communication device as well.


Joel loves goldfish for snacks! He enjoys watching football games on television. Joel has some complex medical and physical needs. He will need support with day to day living
and assistance into adulthood. He has an extensive care team that follows him. He also
continues to have contact with his birth family which needs to be supported into the future.


This special guy would love to have a forever family in a home where he can be cared for and learn new skills and share love and affection. Are you this special family for Joel?

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