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Hi, I am Juhad. I am 13 years old. I am a kid who loves mostly everything and everyone. I love nature, and creative projects, and much more. My favorite color is green. My favorite animal is an otter. My favorite hobby is interior designing. I am loving, hopeful, nice, and supportive.  **I have no preference on religious beliefs or sexual orientation of the family. **

Some interesting facts about myself: I like singing. I like cooking. I like interior designing. I like theater. I like history. I like literature. I like scrapbooking. I also like myself.

I enjoy rainy days and listening to nature. I enjoy traveling. I want a family that cares for me, that supports my wants and needs, that can be there if I need someone to talk to, and someone that I can go home to every day.

One word to describe me would be “unique”.


Note from the AdoptNH….Juhad deserves a loving, supportive home, that is trauma informed and that will allow him to learn who he is without worrying about disruption. Like all 13-year-olds he needs routine, consistency, consistent expectations, support and boundaries. Juhad has a lot of personality that shines through in meeting with him

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