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Hi, I am Juhad. I am a13-year-old. I am extremely creative; I enjoy making things with whatever is around me. I love cleaning, staying outside, helping and taking care of others. I enjoy all types of food and am not a picky eater. My favorite dessert is New York Cheesecake. I love my family very much; my brothers mean the world to me. I want a family that is loving, happy, helpful, and supportive. I would be happy to share my life with other children within the home. **I have no preference on religious beliefs or sexual orientation of the family. ** 
Some interesting facts about myself:
I like animals, my favorite is an otter. I like household pets and enjoy their presences.
I am a 6th grader who enjoys learning about social studies. I recently learned a lot about the Titanic, which I found very interesting. 
My passions are art: pop culture, singing, cooking, theater, and interior design. 
I enjoy traveling. I’ve been to Vermont, Boston, Cape Cod, Maine. My dream destination is Tokyo, Japan or Orlando, Florida to visit Disney.
My favorite show is The Simpsons. My favorite movies are Hairspray and Titanic, and the Harry Potter Series.
One word to describe me would be “flexible”. 
Note from the AdoptNH….Juhad deserves a loving, supportive home, that is trauma informed and that will allow him to learn who he is without worrying about disruption. Like all 11-year-olds he needs routine, consistency, consistent expectations, support and boundaries. Juhad has a lot of personality that shines through in meeting with him. He needs to maintain connections with his brothers who will be adopted separately. 

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