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Get out your paints and easel for Karter to create a masterpiece. Karter is a curious 9 year old boy that is ready to find his forever home. He plays basketball and is interested in sports.  He enjoys being active and playing with others. He loves being outside, riding his bike or scooter. During the summer, you will find him swimming! His smile and energetic spirit light up the room. 
Karter is working hard therapeutically to help him be successful in his day to day activities. A daily routine helps Karter thrive. He needs a family that is willing to commit to help him in this as well.   In the right environment Karter will flourish and follow directions and rules. Karter needs parents who are active and who can follow through with structure, consistency and provide him a loving and nurturing environment.  He is currently in the third grade. He is a very bright kid, when focused can complete the work at hand.  Karter deserves a loving family who is willing to commit to stick by his side. Karter wants to be the youngest child in his home. He will flourish as consistent, loving, active parents help Karter navigate through his past challenges to his bright future ahead. 

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