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Meet 12-year-old Karter! He is very personable and friendly. He is funny and inquisitive. He enjoys any activity, which he can be active in whether its basketball, sledding, or a game of chase. He loves soccer, basketball, football, and hockey. He also loves riding horses. Karter has a charming personality and loves playing with other kids but does require supervision. Karter is very bright and does well in school. His smile and energetic spirit will light up the room.
Karter would flourish in a home with structure, consistency, honesty, and rules with clear boundaries. Karter needs parents who are active, who can follow through with keeping him engaged in sports and healthy activities. Karter is a young kiddo who enjoys being active and playing with others. Karter desperately wants a family who accepts him and provides a loving, nurturing environment. Karter would do best as the youngest children in the home. 

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