Landon is an intelligent, athletic and charming 11 year old boy. He is very humorous, loves to laugh and have fun. He is engaging and fun to be around with a cheerful countenance. He is very active and significant exercise assists him in regulating his emotions.  He participates enthusiastically in activities that are offered by his caregivers, especially sports! He has had wonderful opportunities to be exposed to new activities and try things like skiing and boating through his relationship with appropriate biological family members. He has made significant progress in his time in his placement and is really fun to be around! Landon is becoming a strong advocate for himself as well. 
Landon's has family that have been incredibly dedicated supports for Landon for several years now. Although they are not able to serve as a permanent adoptive resource for Landon, it is important that they remain a close relationship. This connection is integral to Landon's continued healing and growth. They are committed to ongoing contact and visits.
Landon would like a family who does not live near a city. He also wants to have a dog and active siblings to run around outside with. He would like the home to have space outside so that he can play and be active outside. Landon longs for a family and for a home. He is ready for his adoptive family and deserves a loving family to support him as he grows.