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Luke is an awesome and active 11-year-old who wants to be adopted and is ready to find his forever home. He loves playing video games, Beyblades, Legos, listening to music, doing arts and crafts, or playing with his large collection of Pokémon cards. He also likes to play outside and enjoys playing sports.


Luke is an outgoing boy with a good sense of humor and has recently enjoyed taking the time to style his hair in the morning and pick out his clothes. He likes to get out in the
community and do activities such as mini-golfing, roller skating, apple picking, and trips to local parks. Luke does well when he is out in the community.

Luke is in need of a loving family that is patient and routine driven. Luke would do well with
other children and pets in the home and says he wants a family who will do crafts  and watch movies with him. He wants a family with a routine at mealtimes and that will provide him with loving consistency.

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