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Maddax and Asher

Maddax and Asher are two amazing boys who are ready for their forever home. Full
of joy and energy, these two amazing kids light up a room!
Maddax is a bright, energetic 10-year-old boy who likes to play instruments, explore new hobbies, and play with friends his age. Maddax especially likes to read, and has
many book series he has read multiple times. Maddax enjoys going to the library, and likes to read to fall asleep. He is respectful and polite, and frequently ask questions when he needs clarification about something. Maddax likes to be in an active home, with parents who plan fun activities! Activities he has enjoyed are frequent park days, small hiking trips, and most recently a community field day, where Maddax was able to paint a pot and pick a flower to plant in it. Maddax also spent one week at a sleep-away camp, reporting he would like to do activities like this more often. Maddax has a
great sense of humor, and enjoys making jokes back and forth with a caregiver or peers. Maddax can be shy, but will open up and attach to those he feels he can trust. Maddax doesn’t love trying new foods – but loves his mac and cheese and chicken nuggets!
Asher is a sweet and affectionate four-year-old who can often be found snuggling in the lap of a caregiver. Asher loves all things ocean and water related. Asher especially loves to swim and play with water activities. Asher likes to watch things splash, and will compile his dinosaur or shark toys to toss them in the bath or pool. Asher loves to be outside exploring different textures and materials. Inside, Asher likes to play with sensory toys, matching items, and play-doh. Asher is showing an interest in reading, by playing with books, flipping through the pages, and pretending to read. Asher has grown a lot since being placed in his current foster home, and is expressing more personality and individuality. Asher is not shy and shows lots of excitement when a caregiver engages in activities with him. Asher has made HUGE strides in his expressive language and is
continuing to make progress. Asher is able to sit and play appropriately with toys, and
loves playing with trucks, sharks, dinosaurs, and sensory toys. He does great with animals. He is easily redirected and able to move through the frustration after he’s had that few minutes with a caregiver.

The boys deserve a family that will remain committed to them and be their biggest supports and advocates. A family that will love them unconditionally, keep them active and engaged and with appropriate structure and boundaries for these two awesome guys. With every child adopted through foster care, TBRI training is highly recommended!

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