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Melisa is friendly, kind, sweet and helpful fifteen-year-old. She has a wry sense of
humor. Melisa thrives on adult attention. Melisa loves to play board games and card
games, is creative and enjoys outdoor activities. She loves to cook and is quite
independent in the kitchen.
When asked to describe herself Melisa uses the adjectives: funny, kind and easy-
going. She often thinks of others before herself, is very caring and willing to help.
Melisa can also present as younger than her age and act quite silly. She benefits from
on-going support and guidance at home, in school and in the community. Melisa is
described by her caregivers as helpful and cheerful. Melisa responds well to
redirection and humor. Overall she would benefit from being in a home that is trauma-
informed and skilled, as well as culturally sensitive and interested in helping her to
retain some connection to her culture of origin.
Melisa's main hobby is Japanese and Korean anime/manga. She is especially
knowledgeable about the Naruto series, having read as many of the books as she can
put her hands on. She has been writing her own stories in the style of the Naruto
series, but without drawings. She would love to take part in anime-oriented activities.
Melisa wants an active family that engages in multiple types of activities, athletic and
otherwise. She has no preference regarding family dynamics as she is open to one or
two parents or same sex parents. Melisa says she would prefer not to be in a family
that has other children, though she may be open to this upon meeting a family. She
wants a family that will be supportive of her relationship with her "grammie" (her 
foster mom) as well as her birth family and will assist in facilitating visits. Melisa will
need guidance around maintaining her relationship with the latter two. Melisa would
like to live in a small city or town so that she has access to activities and can be more
independent and find an after-school job. She says adamantly that she does not care
about race or ethnic or cultural origin but does not want to be in a religious family and
does not want to have to attend church.

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