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Monica and Soreya

Monica is a sweet six-year-old little girl. She is typically agreeable and wants to be liked by peers and adults. She likes unicorns, pretend play in her kitchen and playing with her dolls. She also likes art and crafts. She enjoys being outside but the snow can be hard to navigate due to some of her mobility challenges. Monica really benefits from time outside. Monica does great at school, she loves school and is making good friends in her classroom. She is very bright and loves to learn. Monica likes to be a helper and helping adults with chores. Both girls both like going out and running errands. 
An adoptive parent who is understanding and practices trauma informed care will help Monica and Soreya as they learn to attach and trust adults. They need consistent parenting that are warm, loving, and consistent with the girls. 
Soreya is described as the sweetest thing. She is four years old. She loves unicorns, arts & crafts and exploring sensory bins. She also likes being outside and daily time outside is great for Soreya. She needs parents who are attentive as she can turn inward when she is having a hard time. She loves to play and desires to be included with other children when she plays. She is described as liking “all things girly” and loves dressing up in special outfits for events. Soreya is quieter than Monica and will often play independently.  
Their adoptive home may need to be handicap accessible in the future and the family will need to be prepared to expect these needs in the future. The girls will need a family that can support and advocate them in their medical needs. Hazard free, uncluttered living environments will help the girls in navigating and accessing their living environment. The girls will do best in a two parent home, pets are okay but Soreya will need some guidance in helping her feel secure around bigger pets. 

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