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Renna and Syndel

Meet Renna and Syndel, these two little sisters are waiting for forever home. First
there is Renna! She is a sweet and energetic 5-year-old girl. She loves Batman, going
to the park, playing outside, Sonic, the hedgehog, building towers with blocks, riding
bikes, and enjoys swimming. Renna is currently in kindergarten and is reported to do
very well in that setting the other children. Renna makes friends easily and thinks of
others. Renna appears to be on a good routine, and takes redirection very well. She is
running, swimming, playing constantly. She does well in an active home. She enjoys
swimming and visits to the parks. Her older sister is Syndel. She is a spunky and
playful 9-year-old girl. Syndel currently resides with her younger sister in a foster
home. Syndel is reported to sometimes need reminders that she is not a parent when
with her little sister. Syndel loves to swim and is proud of her growth in swimming
independently. Syndel does very well in school and does not need any specialized
support. She has experienced trauma and would benefit from a patient, trauma-
informed family. She is a loving, creative, energetic, strong young lady that wants to
belong and be loved.

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