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Foster care and adoption was something we had thought, talked, and prayed about for years.  After being blessed with a biological daughter in 2006, we struggled for years with secondary infertility and miscarriage/loss.  We were confident that God had a plan for growing our family, but we have several close friends who are foster families, and we saw the need in our community.  We had a home and love and thought we could provide that to a child(ren) while we waited.  We even started taking the classes years ago, but "life" got in the way, and we never finished.


  Then one day a friend and fellow foster mom mentioned a little boy to my husband.  The current foster home he was in was not an adoptive home, so DCYF was looking for a new placement for him.  Something clicked with my husband, and somehow he just knew it was time to stop thinking and talking, it was time to act.  So we reached out to the caseworker the next day to find out more about this little boy, and to get the licensing process rolling.  Within a short time, he was in our home, and we were in love.  And although his birth mom loved him very much, she was just unable to provide the safety and stability he needed.  So to our joy, one year later, he legally became a part of our family. Although that was of course, just a formality....from the beginning, we all just knew we belonged together.

Our journey has not been without its ups and downs.  Children in foster care have all experienced some degree of trauma and loss.   That can manifest itself it many ways.  But with love, patience, commitment, and the right supports in place, he, and we, are thriving.  Our family has also continued to foster other children, some short term, some long term.


We recently adopted another child - a little girl who came to us from the hospital shortly after she was born.  We had no idea at the beginning of her case how things would go, but ultimately she was meant to stay forever just like our son.  All we know is we have been blessed by foster care and adoption far more than we could ever imagine!

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