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Zeek is an outgoing and outspoken 13-year-old boy and puts those in his life that he cares for first.. He enjoys riding his bike, playing basketball and soccer, and just about any activity that involves him being outside and being active. He is an active athlete who also loves to be creative. Zeek is thriving in his
current placement. He gets along well with his peers. He responds best to clear guidelines and consistent parenting and consequences. The best adoptive home would have few or no other children. He deserves a lot of one and one attention and parents who will stand by him through thick and thin. He loves to ride
his bike and scooter and would love to have a home where he could ride his bike in the community. He loves indoor games, playing video games and spending time with friends. Zeek has great leadership qualities and thrives when he given praise for helping others. He is delight to be around and with the right
family he will thrive and build strong relationships. Zeek tends to be very shy upon initially meeting him, but he is sweet once you get to know him. He is extremely bonded to his siblings, but, due to his separation from them, he has been able to gain perspective that differs from theirs. He would like to remain connected to them, but is able to vocalize that being in the same home may not be in his best
interest. He is a very well-rounded, perspicacious young man who absolutely deserves an amazing family.

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