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Zerenity and Akyrah

Meet an amazing sibling set of three kiddos looking for their forever home together. 

Zerenity ("Z") is a sweet and thoughtful 10-year-old.  She loves being everyone's friend, has a cheerful and spunky personality. Her teachers describe her as being quick witted. She says she wants to be adopted in a family setting, is good with having pets and would really like her own room!  She has shared a room with her little sister Ky her whole life and would like the opportunity to have her own space.  She has enjoyed trying out some town league sports. She plays both basketball and softball. The new experiences she has had in her current home have been extensive - and she has totally enjoyed and appreciated them all!  She loves sleepovers with friends, getting her nails done, seeing new places and trying new things have brought her much joy and has reduced her stress! Zerenity will thrive with the opportunity to be involved with her community, stay active and engaged while being supported by her adoptive parents.

Akyrah ("Ky") is a cheerful and happy little girl. She has a very bubbly personality and her presence lights up a room. She attends daycare full time and does well there. She turned 4 in May. She thrives on individual attention. With those connections, she has really improved upon some negative behaviors over the past 6 months. She loves helping and caring for her little brother. She loves girly things and her dolls. She enjoys playing dress up and imaginative play!  

Lastly there is “M”, brother to the girls. He is going on 2 years old. Potential families for the girls would need to be open to the possibility of keeping all three of these kiddos together. 

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